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Essential Chrome Extensions for Maximum Productivity

Your web browser can be your best ally or your greatest adversary when it comes to getting things done. But frequently it appears to be both simultaneously.

Yet, for better and worse, it’s only one device that most of us really can’t do without (or make a living). The right Chrome Extensions will help you curb the web’s most irritating sections while taking full advantage of all its beneficial advantages.

But, for better and worse, it’s a tool most of us simply can’t live (or make a living) without. The right Chrome Extensions can help you curb the most distracting parts of the web while taking full advantage of all its productive benefits.


Have you ever used the incorrect “there / their / they’re” in a tweet? Or has a phrase in a blog post unintentionally misspelt? For all the writing you do on the computer within a single day, it’s bound to happen awkward little errors. That is why Grammarly is required.

Not only does the Grammar extension test for the normal grammar and spelling errors, but it will also send you feedback on style, sound, and word choice to make all of your Chrome writing “bold, simple, and error-free.”

We know, we use it all the time here.

Install Grammarly extension here


No list of important productivity Chrome extensions will be complete without an adblocker and Adblock is among the finest. The extension essentially stops you from being whacked in the face by spam advertisements trying to sell you all under the sun and stops the pair of boots you looked at last week from chasing you around the internet for months to come.

It is another Chrome extension that operates in the background and all you need to do is install it once and let it block Chrome ads, like YouTube and Twitter, everywhere.

Install AdBlock extension here


We may be biased, but for a reason, the Chrome extension to Todoist is one of our most common platforms. This 4.5-star extension turns any URL from inside your browser into a Todoistic mission.

Find an article that you would like to read? In Todoist, save it so you can come back to it later. Working inside Google Docs on a draft? Save the file as a mission so if you’re ready to finish you won’t lose time tracking it down. Find a recycle to which you want to return? Save it to your project recipes. Potential applications are infinite.

Only click on your extension tray’s Todoist icon and you’ll be able to see all of your Todoist worklists. Click “Add website as a task” and Todoist will save the page URL you are currently viewing to allow you to navigate back to it when you are ready to complete your task.

You can highlight any text on the website to catch tasks even faster, right-click on it, and pick Add to Todoist from the menu to create a new task in your Inbox. It just takes seconds, literally.

Install Todoist extension here


Toggl picks up where the task management of Todoist leaves off, allowing you to monitor the time that you actually spend performing each task. If you’re already doing a lot of work on the site, the Toggl Button extension makes it easier to keep track of your time by 10x.

Clicking on the Toggl icon in your extensions drawer will give you access to a Toggl mini-version where you can see your new time entries, and start and stop the timer. But the real magic is that in a range of web resources-like the Todoist mobile app-a Toggl button to start and stop the timer would automatically appear!

Sign into the Todoist web app once you have activated the Toggl extension. A Toggl button will now appear next to any task over whatever you swing. To start the timer click on the button and the time entry will be automatically filled in with the name of the mission. To pause the timer click on the button again. Bang! Bang! You know how much time you’ve spent with that job.

Install Toggle extension here


Clock the Time Tracker helps you to clock your time with everything you do. You can start the work and the timer, if you are doing a project. Stop the timer, until you’re finished.

This is a very useful extension of chrome and can help you determine how much time you spend on a specific project or website.

Install Clockify extension here

The chrome extensions above are just a handful of our favorites and we hope it’ll become your favorite too! Don’t forget to add your thoughts and reviews below.

If you think we missed any chrome extension that you think should have been on the list, please leave a comment. Happy Browsing!

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