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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Businesses?

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a way for companies or brands to interact with customers, maybe potential customers in a social, natural way. This is typically done on bigger sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter but it can also be done on smaller niche sites that are built more around the community. Social media is like a town-hall, it’s a place where people to come to see their families or to catch up with friends, share stories even discuss today’s latest breaking news or educate themselves.

People don’t want to be handed a flyer with your sales pitch on it, people want to discuss and engaging things that are relevant to them, interesting to them, as a chance for brands to get in touch with these prospects that could be coming through their pipeline, as a chance for them to reach out to people that may not know anything about them, to be able to discuss what’s important to them, to engage in these conversations and have real discussions about real things that matter to the individual.

Social media marketing can serve every stage of the buying cycle. There’s really two that stand out the most. The first one is the awareness stage which is where customers or prospects may not know anything about your company and you’re really just trying to get yourself in front of them and so you’re trying to engage in conversations with them or trying to just find places where they’re talking about things that are related to your company, so you reach out to them and just make them aware of you, of your company.

The second one is kind of on the other end of the spectrum which is more the customer relations side of things. Whether that support or just turning your existing customers, your most loyal ones, into brand advocates. If there’s one thing to remember with social media marketing is to be yourself and have a personality. People don’t want to engage with something stiff or just a logo they want to engage with a human so be a human being, be natural and be social.

Why you should utilize social media marketing?

Your customers are on social media.

One of the best reasons for your small business to be marketing through social media is that your customers are spending time on these channels. With so many consumers using social media every day, this presents a great opportunity for small businesses who want to reach their online audience. Connecting with your target audience can be easy if you are active on the channels that they use most often. In other words, don’t make your audience come to you – go to your audience! If you aren’t already on social media, you could be missing out on an important chance to connect with your customers and engage new leads.

Social media marketing may help improve your search engine.

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There’s a good chance that you’re already focused on improving your search engine optimization. But did you know that search engines may be using your social media presence and most importantly, your website as a factor in their rankings? Successful brands tend to have a healthy social media presence, so a strong social media presence may act as a signal to search engines that your brand is valuable, credible, and trustworthy. Though the ranking factors are always changing, it’s a safe bet that active social media channels will end up helping you in the end.

Not only could your social media presence impact your search engine rankings, but it’s important to note that your social media profiles or your website will most likely show up on the first page of Google when consumers are looking for your brand. If the consumer clicks on your social profiles and finds that they are outdated or unengaging, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to not only consistently publish compelling content on your social media channels, but also check your profile information periodically and make changes and updates as needed.

Social media helps connect your brand with customers you didn’t know existed.

Social media marketing gives you a valuable opportunity to gain new insights into your customers. By interacting with leads and current customers on social media, you are able to see what your customers are interested in and what drives them.

If you periodically take a look at what your customers are talking about on social media, you can have a better understanding of what they care about most. For instance, through social listening, you can find out what your customers greatest challenges and concerns are and then work to create more content around these topics. You can also use social listening to see what customers are saying about your brand specifically, and then use this information to make changes to improve customer satisfaction.

Social media also allows you to better understand what your customers’ online behaviours look like. For example, you might use the analytics platform on Facebook to see which types of content are most popular within your target market. You can also measure your conversions for posts and ads across channels to see which campaigns are working well and which need a little more work.

How social media can complement your business’ website.

We’ve already talked about the “Importance of having a website for your business” and “Why you need a website” in our previous post. A comprehensive web presence can be nowadays relatively important for a small business, offering a range of benefits, including the chance to reach new audiences and better communicate with customers. Both a website and social media are key parts of the digital ecosystem and are vital components of your organization’s web presence. They can complement one another to drive significant benefits. Let’s take a look at how small-medium enterprises (SMEs) can achieve this.

Social media benefits.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are fantastic ways to communicate with customers, offering new channels to interact with them tweeting, posting, messaging and other means of contact can all be made available through social media. Using social media can help you address any inquiries or complaints.

Thankfully, a social media profile for your business is usually easy to establish. This means that your company doesn’t need to exert a great deal of effort in order to get started and offer your customers new and interesting ways to interact with your business.

Social media can also save your business money, as driving traffic to your website can be expensive. Tools like TrafficWave, which generates traffic through email marketing, can provide tools for marketing that help drive people to your website but these tools do require investment.

A social media profile, on the other hand, is free to set up and can be used to drive traffic to your website. To do this, you should ensure that your social media profiles and any of your social media activities like posts, comments, articles, blogs, and tweets include links and references to your website. Indeed, this can help to drive potential customers there. Social media and its cost-effective nature have the potential to give your SME powerful support and can help your business contend in a very competitive digital ecosystem.

Driving traffic and attention to your business.

A website and social media can and should work in tandem, complementing each other to build a stronger online presence for your company. Social media can complement your website – and vice-versa – by linking your social activities back to your business’ website.

Nevertheless don’t forget your website should be the bedrock of your online presence because while social media is incredibly useful, it is still an external platform that you can’t control. This isn’t the case with a website, where you have total control over its contents.

So, by including links to your business’ website in your social media activity, and vice versa, you can drive traffic between the two digital platforms, helping to build your community and keeping it informed. This will also ensure you’re steering customers or visitors towards your most valuable content that’s available on your website.

It can also help your content reach a greater audience. Indeed, building and expanding your company’s market reach is important for an SME. By using online tools like social media and a business website, you can reach people all around the world, offering your company the chance to serve more customers, regardless of location and strengthen your community.

So, how do you get started in achieving these benefits? It all begins with a domain name.

Deciding on a domain name.

The digital ecosystem is built up of many parts, a website and social media are all important for a company to build their online presence.

The website is the strongest pillar of your digital activity as it allows your company to extend your reach to around the world in a cost-effective way and helps to make current and potential customers aware of your business.

The first step in establishing your business website is selecting and registering a .com or .net or any domain name (web address). Thankfully, this is made quick and easy by the team at Maash Network, where your ideal web address and web design is only a click away. We are available at any time of the day to serve you. Based in Selangor and throughout Malaysia, we have clients in and out of the country. Contact us now.

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